Accessing Tender information

Council uses Tenderlink as a software service. This enables consistency and transparency of information including analytics.
Weblink is www.tenderlink.com/barkly/ and this will enable you to access all tender information including addendums.

Step One
1. Register on Tenderlink to access the tender, you will need the following information, a current address and contact details.

Step Two
2. Downloading tender information. Go to the open tender tab, open up site, highlight relevant tender and press export current tender information.

Step Three
3. Lodge your tender through the electronic Tender box on Tenderlink.

There are NO current open tenders for Barkly Regional Council

Recent successful tenders

In accordance with Section 29 (3) of the Local Government (Accounting) Regulations under the NT Local Government Act, please note the following tenders have recently been approved by Barkly Regional Council

16 June 2016, Resolution of Council (OC 179/16)
BRC-003-16 Atnungurrpa Ablution Block: Construction of Ablution Block near Ampilawatja, Atnungurrpa, NT $203,120 (including GST)

16 June 2016, Resolution of Council (OC 178/16)
BRC-004-16 Traffic Management Study(Part I & II): Traffic study in 5 communities including Tennant Creek, Barkly Region, NT $172,008 (excluding GST)

19 March 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 76/15)
BRC-004-14 External audit services contract 2014/15 – 2017/18 Barkly region. $176,000 (including GST)

19 February 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 37/15)
BRC-003-14 Football Change Rooms, Purkiss Reserve, Tennant Creek, NT. $879.506 (including GST)

19 February 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 37/15)
BRC-002-14 Purkiss Reserve Swimming Pool, Tennant Creek NT. $3,638,368.80 (including GST)

17 July 2014, Resolution of Council (OC 146/14)
Purkiss Reserve Design, Tennant Creek. $296.538.60 (including GST)