Shire Service Manager

Russell Billings


Population: Approximately 960

Latitude: 21.00 S   Longitude: 134.40 E
Location: 151.5kms South of Tennant Creek

Ali Curung (Alekarenge) is 22km inland travelling East from the Stuart Highway. The turnoff is 150km south of Tennant Creek. Wycliffe Wells and Wauchope are its closest neighours.

Ali Curung is a Kaiditch (Kaytetye) word meaning “Country of dogs” or “Dog Dreaming”. The story relates to an area of land ancestral dogs visited while travelling around the country. The community adopted the emblem of a dog to signify the importance of the ceremonial story.

The people who traditionally occupied this area were Kaiditch. During the late 1950s, small groups of people were collected and relocated to Warrabri Settlement. These included Kaiditch people from Barrow Creek, Warlpiri people from Bullocky Creek areas and Alyawarra people from Murray Downs and Hatches Creek. Over 1,200 people populated Ali Curung in its early days.

Warrabri was established in 1956 under its original name of ‘Warrabri Settlement’. The community changed its name to Ali Curung in 1978.

There are four main language groups: Warlpiri, Warumungu, Kaiditch and Alyawarra.

Approximately 960 people currently reside in Ali Curung. Imangara community, with approximately 110 people, is closely associated with Ali Curung. Located 33km east of Ali Curung, Imangara is situated at Murray Downs Station.

Features specific to Ali Curung area:

The Warrabri Bakery was established by Mick Tsavaris in 1979 to provide fresh bread to the community daily. The bakery is operated by the Tsarvaris family with Andrew managing the business. Warrabri Bakery opened its doors seven days a week to meet the needs of local people.

In 1983, Mick and his wife started ‘Homemakers’ to provide meals for the old people in the community. The service has undergone many changes since its doors were originally opened.

Minnirri Store operates Monday to Friday and is currently managed by Outback Stores. The original stored opened in the late 1960s as a community store providing food, merchandise and fuel.

Arlpwe Art Gallery was established by Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation on 30 June 2008. The centre currently employs eight staff. The Arlpwe Gallery is proud to say that Tisha Corbett, who is employed at the Gallery received an NT Young Achievers Award in 2010. The Gallery sells Aboriginal artefacts such as boomerangs, nulla nulla, spears, also jewellery and Coolamon, magnificent one-of-a-kind paintings by renowned artists of the area. Arlpwe Art Centre and Gallery is a treasure trove of original ‘works of art’ located in Central Australia.

Ali Curung services includes: council service centre, Warrabri Bakery, Minnirri Store, police station, safe house, Homemakers, Aged Care Service, Arlpwe Art Centre and Gallery, Baptist Church, health centre and a mechanical workshop.

The speed limit in the community is 30kmh and from Ali Curung to the Stuart Highway 110kmh